I have moved this blog to http://oaklandfuturist.com

Please check there for the most recent posts.

I live in Oakland, CA with my girlfriend of many years, Gretchen.  I grew up outside of Buffalo,NY, and also lived briefly in New Orleans, LA.  I have worked with computers since 1999 and am currently exploring a new avocation as a writer.

My interest in futurism started early in my youth as I read the Science Fiction of authors like Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein.  Later, I admired the work of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson.  I am still a big SciFi fan now and Verner VingeCharles Stross and Daniel Suarez are some of my favorite contemporary authors.

I got into Cognitive Science after attending Monica Anderson’s AI meetup.  I started attending Dana Ream’s CogSci reading group.  I am very interested in enactivism and embodied cognition.  I am an active meetup.com participant and host my own Futurist meetup.  Some other groups I am part of are Quantified Self and the Long Now.  I have also done a lot of work with startups and I am interested in the Silicon Valley entrenpeneurial scene.

I want to use this blog as a way of sharing and synthesizing the various ideas that are in circulation here in the Bay Area.  I encourage everyone interested in these topics to voice your own opinions and join in the conversation.

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