Empathy Quotient and Systemizing Quotient

October 27, 2012

I recently completed a couple of 23andMe research surveys that measure your Empathy Quotient and Systemizing Quotient.  Empathizing–systemizing theory  was developed by Borat actor Sasha Baron-Cohen’s cousin, Simon Baron-Cohen as a way to understand autism.  According to this theory, people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have a below average ability to empathize and and an above average ability to systemize. They are more interested in systems than people.

Note that E-S theory differentiates between cognitive and affective empathy.  So ASD folks have trouble determining how others are feeling (cognitive empathy) but can empathize when they do understand the state of mind of others (they have affective empathy).  They are contrasted with psychopaths who know how you are feeling and don’t care and will use that to hurt or manipulate or run major corporations.


One Response to “Empathy Quotient and Systemizing Quotient”

  1. Me too; I was a 96 out of 150. If, on average, men score a 65, where does that put me?

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