Most folks are deluded about the level of wealth inequality and would prefer a more egalitarian society here in the USA.

It’s all making sense to me now.

The moral foundation theory developed by Graham and his colleagues consists of five main moral foundations:

Harm – caring for and not hurting others,

Fairness – equality and reciprocity,

Ingroup – loyalty to one’s group,

Authority – respect for leadership, and

Purity – the sanctity of social norms and customs.

Liberals elevate harm and fairness above the others, conservatives consider all equally.

If these dimensions seem odd, there is some evidence that this is a good model of morality


This Czech Economist, Sedlacek might be onto something. His insight into what he calls “growth capitalism” rings true. Also, he points out that the markets should be reconstructed to reflect our values and produce results we can be proud of.