Dual N-back, astronomy, meetups

June 9, 2008

I learned about dual N-back tasks the other day which have been shown to increase fluid intelligence (gF).
This site describes it well, and has an entry level test (only dual tests increase IQ):

This site is the best online site (close to the original protocol):

Here is an open source download:

If you read the study, it’s interesting to note that it doesn’t matter how high you N value is.

I missed the Bay Area Artificial Intelligence Meetup Group because I overslept.  However, I watched some of the video by the CYC guy anyway and I look forward to the next meetup.  In the meantime I signed up for the SF New Tech Meetup which might be fun…

We went to Chabot Science Center last night to see a planetarium show.  G left early, but I liked it.  I want to look at more astronomy stuff in relation to the crazy focus of the esoteric tradition.  Microsoft has a free astronomy tool:
http://worldwidetelescope.org/  The lines at the telescopes were too long to get in.  I missed my chance to see if saturn really was only white through a telescope.


2 Responses to “Dual N-back, astronomy, meetups”

  1. Erik said

    I’d like to add that we’ve recently made the soakyourhead.com source code freely available as well. If you’d like to take a look, it’s at: http://www.soakyourhead.com/dual-n-back-open-source.aspx .

  2. Radix said

    PyQ is a free open-source Python implementation of the Dual N-Back exercise. PyQ includes an optional Triple N-Back mode that introduces differently colored squares as a third stimulus.

    PyQ will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

    Get it here:

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